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Home Improvement Projects – Are They Worth It?

There are only a few guarantees in life: death, taxes and home improvement projects as a homeowner. Improvement projects may be planned like kitchen remodels or unannounced like leaky roof repairs or flooding basement issues; no matter their cause, home repairs and upgrades can be expensive but necessary if you wish to keep up with current standards.

According to the American Housing Survey conducted every other year, homeowners spent an estimated $522 billion in two years on an estimated 115 million projects ranging from installing new toilets and building additions, all the way to replacing toilets entirely. But are all projects worth doing? Certain renovations could add significant value while others might simply be an unnecessary expenditure of money.

Investment in high-quality professionals is essential to achieving optimal results. When selecting a contractor, experience and strong references are both key considerations when selecting one. Furthermore, choosing local companies makes it easier for you to contact them if there are any problems or any other concerns arise with regards to work done; you can search online search engines or call phone numbers listed on websites for local contractors in your area.

Keep in mind that your project may require permits and inspections, in which case your contractor should give you a copy of the permit before starting any work. Furthermore, inquire as to warranties they offer on their services as this could also play an important role.

Make sure that any contract you sign includes a detailed description of the work to be performed, its cost and start/end dates/payment schedules as well as any items both parties need to agree upon. Furthermore, specify whether or not your contractor plans on performing them themselves or subcontractors.

There are various financing options for home improvements, such as personal loans, HELOCs, credit cards and refinancing your mortgage. Your best choice may depend on factors like project cost and payback time – this calculator can help you evaluate them all!

Tim Allen’s popular home improvement show Tool Time came to a close in 1998 with its final episode “Adios”. Jonathan Taylor Thomas chose to leave Tool Time for school, eventually appearing on Speedway Junky later that same year. Nevertheless, Tim still provides his expert advice through his blog as well as various projects designed to assist individuals in DIY and home maintenance tasks.